Intelligent semantics for your organization

With cloud technologies maturing and being more available, we decided to offer you intelligent semantic and context technologies. We named our endeavor:

Our idea is to create a set of tools that will enable organizations and their content management systems to embrace the power of semantics and computer vision.

Add value to your media files

With our concept detection functionality you can add value to your media collection. Add a tagline to each image or detect concepts, such as objects, persons or nature. Or detect faces, age and emotions of individuals. Automate your metadata inventory of your CMS. 

Get beyond the word

Ever wondered about the hidden information in your website or documents? With our semantic annotation this treasure will be instantly available to your organization.

Finding made easy

Our semantic search will enhance your users experience while visiting your CMS based website. Your editors will be enabled to curate great content based on your ontology collection.

Easy to use

Our standard conform API is instantly available to you and your developers.

Discover the value of your information

Our semantic and context sensitive interfaces will present the hidden value of your information collection.

Measure results with our analytics

The analytics built in will support you to achieve organizational success.